Phicap Methodology

Methodology Proactive management and continuous communication

Unique Platform

A full range of real estate management services under one roof

Bridging the gap amongst all types of real estate services gives an optimal helicopter view of the complete lifespan of a real estate asset. Our one-stop shop principle provides our clients and investors with a smooth transition at the various asset stages. They also benefit from a single point of contact to manage their real estate, whether it is a property to be managed, land to be developed or an investment to be structured.

Performance focus

Optimal management through the combination of our three pillars

Unique platform
Added Value
Process oriented


This unique model consists in making the team members of our three departments work together and provide in that way a complete and optimal service.

In our continous strive to satisfy our clients and investors, the cross-working allow value enhancement and a quick response time for complementary requests in each activity. It also ensures a smooth transition from one service to another during the complete life span of a real estate asset

Added Value

We aim towards value enhancement across all our activities. For our managed properties, we focus on optimal services for our tenants. We have created a network of preferred partners who accommodate the high standard we offer.

To manage our client and investor project developments, we design the concept in line with their goals. An added-value mindset is at the very heart of our input and our cross-working model amplifies this.

Process oriented

We strongly believe that processes are key to repeated success in our mandates. These internally-defined processes bring consistency to the outcome of our services.

Across our various areas of expertise, we have designed specific approaches to managing our properties and developments. They structure the way we proceed, from the initial request to the desired result.

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